The MA Art & Design: Creative Technology is a practice-based programme focusing on the creative employment of technology. The programme’s innovative feature is to explore the boundaries between new media, sound and visual arts, industry, design and computer technology – which are dissolving as a result of digital technology. The course aims to bring together a broad range of graduates from a variety of different backgrounds. The philosophy of this programme in Creative Technology is expressed through the following features:

  • Understanding the various approaches, methods and issues related to media arts, digital technology and industrial and creative practice.
  • Gaining specific skills in a number of areas, including creative thinking, research methods, virtual environments, visualisation, multi-media, interactivity and social networking.
  • Developing the ability to think dynamically and creatively, and act originally through theoretical concepts and creative practice.
  • Gaining the expertise to focus on a specific avenue of interest, carry out enquiries and experiment, produce pioneering projects or realise innovative creative solutions.

The current programme modules:


A brief chat with Award Leader, Prof. Paul Sermon to find out what the Creative Technology course at the University of Salford is about, who it's for, what projects students work on and what students go on to do upon graduating.

The programme is offered as a one-year full-time or two-year part-time Master’s. While it is considered a taught programme, the curriculum is increasingly self-directed as the year progresses, enabling students to explore a range of diverse interests, culminating in the development of a unique topic of study in their final term. The first semester is aimed at developing new skills (PG Certificate), the second at exploring and refining those skills in a personally-defined project (PG Diploma), and the third in developing reasoned connections to realise a coherent creative piece which is at, or defines, the cutting edge of creative expression with emerging technologies (MA). The programme seeks to engender in students a grounded understanding of various approaches, methods and technology issues related to industrial and creative practice.

The MA Art & Design: Creative Technology is a modular programme, consistent with the University’s postgraduate modular scheme. Available with either full- or part-time attendance, the programme comprises three 15-week semesters or six15-week semesters, to be undertaken within one or two years respectively.

  • Semester One: October to February
  • Semester Two: February to June
  • Semester Three: June to September

The students regularly visits exhibitions and shows related to the course content. Recent visits to Liverpool's FACT centre, Manchester's Cornerhouse, the URBIS and the Transmediale festival in Berlin have formed an integral part of teaching and discussions about recent trends and developments.

Guest artists and researchers are invited to demonstrate their projects and investigations, giving students an insight into state-of-the-art techniques, artistic strategies and creative methodologies. The guests demonstrate their own work and are available to discuss the students' work in progress.

Arts projects run by lecturers allow students to participate in high-profile international arts events and get in touch with international artists and critics. In particular, telematic events, web-based work and projects in collaboration with partner universities prepare students for personal exchange and knowledge dissemination. ...................................................................................................